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Tips to become a better driver

Tips to become a better driver

Learning to drive is not as easy as it looks at first. Whenever you do, it comes naturally. Having said that, it should not be taken lightly. Being a good driver somehow does not require hard and fast rules. You should learn and understand at your own pace.

There are some people who require extra attention and professional help to learn driving. There are others who learn it on their own. Whatever the case might be, you can always get better at it with the help of the following tips.

1. Stay focused:

No matter how experienced you are at driving, always consider yourself vulnerable.

  • Always stay alert while driving.
  • No matter who calls or texts, do not use your phone.
  • If it is urgent then stop your car and then respond to the notifications.
  • The mobile phone is a huge distraction.

Try not to drive with loud music if you have recently learned how to drive.

2. Stay calm:

It is always suggested to drive at ease.

  • Never go behind the wheel while you are feeling overwhelmed or angry.
  • If you are a slow driver, be slow. Don’t change your pace according to others.
  • If someone else is bothering you with their constant honking of traffic ethics, do not lose your cool. Give them a way to go ahead and clear your mind and road.

3. Don’t rely on others:

If you think you can drive at your own pace and others will drive according to you, then you are highly mistaken.

  • Always drive responsibly.
  • Always think of other drivers as unpredictable.
  • Take charge of your own driving.
  • As bad as it sounds, assume the worst while you are driving, it will help you focus better.
  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.
  • Always look out for over-speeding vehicles while changing lanes.

4. Don’t forget the basics:

Each time you sit in your car, fix a routine for yourself. This will not only help you inefficient driving but also in safeguarding your car.

  • Configure and adjust your seat.
  • Set your mirrors accordingly.
  • Mirror adjustments should be done according to your position.
  • Check if your glove-box has your car documents or not.
  • If you are going on a longer route, check your tire air pressure, brake oils, fuel, and engine.

While driving, use indicators to turn or while changing lanes.

5. Don’t trust the AI too much:

It is the year 2019 and the cars are manufactured with space-age technology. Cars come with anti-lock braking system and cruise control. Although it is great to drive with such advanced technology. One should not drive depending too much on these gadgets. Don’t rely on it too much and don’t let it hinder your driving techniques.

Although, never stop trusting your instincts.  It is imperative that you drive carefully and within required speed limits. Always follow the traffic rules. Remember there are higher authorities to deal with aggressive drivers and traffic violators. These tips will help you be a better driver and make sure that your driving is smooth and efficient.

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