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How To Take Care Of Your Car In Summer

How To Care for Your Car During Summer

  • July 4, 2020
  • Car Care
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Finally, summer is here. It is the time to enjoy beach trips and those pleasant evening. However, this also signals to get your vehicle ready for the changed weather. The salt, ice, and cold winter temperature might have roughed up your nice car. Now your car will be exposed to summer’s glazing temperature, spells of dust and dirt, and the occasional rain. And these things can take a heavy toll on the performance and parts of your car.

Therefore, make sure to take care of your car in summer with the tips given below.

Coolant System:

Keeping cool is important in scorching heat, not just for ourselves but also for our vehicles. Besides checking the level of coolant fluid in your vehicle, make sure to inspect the state of the hoses and the coolant reservoir. Watch out for leaks, especially at connections points and joints (where a hose is connected to the engine. Besides, squeeze the hoses frequently to ensure that they are still firm and not soft.

Engine Belts:

There is a serpentine belt that performs between the alternator, the fan and other elements. However, the belt becomes loose or gets damaged over time. Make sure to keep it in a top shape. Replace it right away if you notice cracks or holes on the belt.


The arrival of summers means it can be probably showers at some point. Damaged or old wipers cause streaks across the windshield and can hinder your visibility while driving. Therefore, get them replaced.

Essential Fluids:

Take care of brake, check oil, power steering and windshield-washer fluids. These fluids are used by your car system continuously. Coming to brakes fluids, how do the brakes perform in general? Are they producing squeaky sound? If so, new pads and a system bleed might be needed.

Air Conditioning System:

AC is a life savior in glazing summers, whether it is installed at a home or at your car. If it is not delivering sufficient cool air through its vents, it is time to get your car AC fixed by a mechanic. One more thing—the air vents and other mechanisms in your AC will remain intact only if they are used regularly irrespective of weather. Keep the AC running for about 10-15 minutes, at least once a week. It is also important to keep a tab on the level of refrigerant in the air conditioning system of your car to keep the AC up and running and maintain a cool temperature. Make sure to ask your mechanic to check the refrigerant level of your car AC as this step is not generally involved in the regular service schedule of your car.

Air Filter:

Your car’s air filter might be clogged by the decomposing leaves and dirt in winter. Now might be an ideal time to replace it or clean it. Nowadays, many cars come equipped with pollen filters or cabin filtration systems.


Tires should be checked all year round. After all, they take most of the beating. Check them for proper pressure, treads depth and alignment. Make sure they are in good condition—without any crack or uneven wear.

Dashboard Sunshade:

If your car is often parked in the sun, buy a cover that fits in the windshield to protect the dashboard against UV rays. This will also makes a cabin little cooler. Some covers are equipped with solar panels to charge the battery. You can buy some shades for rear side windows as they protect the kids from the heat. Covers will help protect the rear seats and dashboard from fading.


Arrival of summers means vacations, weekend adventures, poolside or beach trips and outings to ice cream store. However, hotter temperature and intense sun rays can wreak havoc on your car if left unchecked with grime and dirt on the paint. Cleaning your car can help protect your car. Keeping the exterior clean can safeguard your paintwork from the sun’s rays as well any damage caused by insects or birds. Use effective car cleaning product to remove most stubborn kinds of dirt. Use polishing waxes to protect the chassis from UV rays. Besides, it will also protect the paint of your car and keep it shining for longer.

But avoid washing your car in direct sunlight or heat. This is because cleaning products or shampoo residue and rinse water can quickly dry onto the surface of the paint, leading to water spotting, streaking and drip marks which are challenging to remove. Therefore, clean your car in shade. Use a pressure or power washer as it remove the cleaning products immediately before they develop stains or dry out too quickly.

So these are some tips to take care of your car in summer. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below.

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