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Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

What to Keep in Mind While Filing an Auto Insurance Claim?

  • November 1, 2019
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An auto accident is an unfortunate event leaving you with grave injuries, vehicle damages, and not to mention a huge financial setback.
You are required to file a claim with your insurance company to get compensation for your damages, regardless of who is at fault. However, the claim settlement process can drag on for longer if you lack basic information and essential documents.
Here, we have listed the things you should know speed up your claim settlement process:
Have Information Ready in Advance:
Before you ever involved in a car accident, it makes sense to have essential things inside your car. Keep folder, file, registration document, insurance information and other information/numbers inside your car you need in an emergency situation. Know beforehand how much deductible will be fixed in any situation and if critical numbers can make the difference.
Contact Your Insurance Company As Soon As Possible:
First of all, move your damaged car to the safe area after regaining your conscious to avoid another collision. If your senses and bodily injuries allow you, contact your insurance agent or company, no matter if you are at the fault or not. If you are critically injured and are not able to contact on the spot, make sure to report your company within 7 days.
An insurance company may turn down your claim if you don’t approach them within a time period mentioned in their terms and policies.

Information You Must Have:
An insurance company requires the details of your car accident while reviewing your claim application. So, you must collect the information regarding it…
• Date, time and the location of the accident
• Your name and driving license number
• Start and expiry of your policy
• Damages to the vehicle
• Number of people or passengers involved
• Description of accident
• Other driver’s license numbers, insurance providers and auto insurance policy numbers
• Information about a police officer who handled your accident case
• Description of your injuries
• The make, model, year, registration and license plate number of the vehicle

Hiring an Attorney is Useful:
Don’t hesitate to take the help of a personal injury attorney if you find the process complicated and exhaustive to deal with. An experienced lawyer helps you collect the information to get the fair settlement amount.

Know Your Policy:
You should read your policy to know about your insurance coverage, company’s regulations and your responsibilities However, sometimes it is not easy to go through the fine print comprising of the complicated legal terms. Therefore, you must ask the insurance agents or lawyers to explain them to you.
Knowing the details of your coverage and responsibilities help you understand your claim process.
Document Your Medical Expenses:
Always include your medical bills in settlement demand as it helps you get the fair compensation for your injuries and other losses.
Expenses that should be documented include, but are not limited to:
• Emergency Room
• X-rays
• Medical Prescriptions
• OTC Drugs
• Hospital Staying
• Treatments
• Ambulance Expenses
• Therapy Sessions
• Transportation Costs to Visit Your Physician
If your physician requires you undergo further treatment, an accident lawyer can ask for an estimate of the upcoming treatment that can be documented in your medical expenses. This is termed as the Maximum Medical Improvement.
How Does the Settlement Process Work?
An insurance company is likely to assess your case after receiving the necessary information and record from you. Your personal injury lawyer must keep up with the progress of the settlement process. A right lawyer can help you get a reasonable settlement amount if the insurance company intends to provide unfair compensation.
Bottom Line:
With the help of the above-mentioned steps, you can get reasonable accident claims as soon as possible. Have patience and stay positive throughout the process.

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