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5 Most Essential Car Accessories You Must Own

  • April 4, 2020
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are more than just a mode of travel for almost everyone. They’re our status symbol as well as our second house, as we probably spend 3-4 hours in them every day. And how are we supposed to make our vehicles more secure and easy to drive around? That is where the vehicle accessories come in. Day trips involve a lot of time behind the wheel. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to improve your trip and increase your road experience by making it easier, cleaner, and more pleasant; that’s why we bring you Car Accessories you must own for your car

Whether it’s having the interior spaces neat and tidy

charging your smartphones on the move, attaching your mobile to your ride, or preserving your life, these revolutionary automotive gadgets and accessories would have you protected on your motorized journeys.

Car Accessories you must own no 1: Cell phone charger

Even when driving a vehicle, we can’t survive without our phones. It is because, from Bluetooth listening music to Maps navigation, our handheld apps make our lives simpler even when we’re on the move. That also indicates that the life of the battery goes for a toss. As a consequence, a Smartphone charger is definitely one of the most popular automotive accessories. Make sure you buy one of the trustworthy manufactured products that have a minimum performance of 2 amperes – this means that your mobile can charge rapidly

Smartphone Gravity Wireless Charging Car Mount

Car Accessories you must own no 2: Portable Tyre Inflator

An apparatus that is seldom utilized, but when actually required, it can save us from an unexpected circumstance in the middle of nowhere. A punctured and busted tubeless tire can be quickly fixed, and a compact tyre inflator can help you pump up the tyre by charging it from your car’s battery socket. A successful inflator will fill a fully flat tire in around 10-15 minutes. You can also avoid lengthy queues at the gas station and test the air in your car tires at home.

Car Tyre Inflator and Air Compressor Pump

Car Accessories you must own no 3: Portable vacuum cleaner

Keeping everything clean and tidy on a road trip is not a simple feat, but a compact vacuum-like Armor All 12V Car Vac will do wonders for the cleanliness of your automobile. Lightweight, durable, and convenient-to-use, this portable tool taps into the car’s 12-volt socket and can suck up all wet and dry dirt. Built specifically for the interior of your vehicle, it comes with built-in crevice function for difficult-to-reach corners, as well as a convenient night-time LED flashlight, if you choose to clean your car in the night.


Car Accessories you must own no 4: Car Air freshener

A vehicle that smells amazing feels nice. Invest in a decent air freshener or scent for around and take control of excessive stench and unpleasant smell inside the car.  These are readily available and accessible and will undoubtedly make a difference when someone sits in your vehicle.

Airpro Invent Air Freshner Caribbean Sea for Car

Car Accessories you must own no 5: Mobile holder

We have become highly dependent on cell phones for different purposes, including playing music and navigation. While we will not suggest that you use or even glance at your cell phone when driving, should you do need to look at your phone every once in a while, do so by using a smartphone holder. Various types of smartphone holders are now on the market. These include the one that has a suction feature and can be mounted on the windscreen, the magnetic types that can be placed in the air-con vents, and the ones with anti-slip pads so that they can be held on the dashboard.

Newward Stretchable Holder univsrsal phone ount

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